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BeefLedger Token

Now On.

1 Ether = 8,571 BLT

*The rate is rounded for convenience. Rate is applicable until end 7 December 2017. Refer White Paper for further details.

You will need Ether and a cryptocurrency wallet before you can get started. If you need help on setting one up to participate in this Token Pre-Sale, contact our support team.

BeefLedger is an integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform for the beef supply chain.We are based in Australia.

The platform being developed provides secure, credentialed provenance data and streamlined payments to enable beef producers to better capture the opportunities of the growing demand for Australian beef from Asia’s rapidly emerging middle classes. The platform does this by providing consumers with access to immutable provenance data on the meat they are buying – giving them surety about the product’s origins and characteristics. Producers gain access to customer data and feedback to drive continual improvement.


To keep in touch with BeefLedger, simply provide us with your contact details.

Join the BeefLedger Community
and stay updated.

BeefLedger is now inviting members of the community to join in this important initiate to rejuvenate regional Australian economies. You can contribute to the building of this regional resilience ecosystem in a number of different ways:

  • Purchasing the BeefLedger Token (BLT), a crypto-token specifically designed to maximise the provenance data value of the Beefledger platform, described in the White Paper.
  • Investing in BeefLedger Limited (a direct investment in the development and operations company) – apply for a copy of the Information Memorandum
  • Investing in the Regional Resilience and Development Fund (a retail investment product issued under an Australian Financial Services License) – register for a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement, which will be issued by 30 November 2017

To ensure we achieve best practice compliance with Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Funding Legal requirements we need to collect some information about you. That’s what this form is all about. Our privacy statement is at the footer of the site.

Token Sale and Investment Opportunity.

Our Team.


Warwick Powell.


Mark Dunworth.


Anthony Dunn.


Ross Honeyman.

Company Secretary.
Barry Pierce.

Barry Pierce.

Film Maker. Communications and Engagement.

Stephen Rowlison.

Veteran IT professional

Professor Neal Ryan.

Griffith University. Capital markets and regional impacts specialist.

Cyril Close.

Stock Agent. Supply Chain Advisor.

Nikki Thompson.

Rural Communities Impacts Advisor.
Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson.

Grazier and Farmer. Lead Grazing Supply Chain Advisor.

Antony Turner-Morris.

Stakeholders Engagement Systems and Consumer Education.
Charles Turner-Morris

Charles Turner-Morris.

Finance Professional. Financial Compliance and Structures Advisory.

Seth Lim.

Technical Advisor.

Professor Marcus Foth.

Queensland University of Technology. Design and User Interface Advisor.

Kerry Brown.

Professor and Director of the Centre for Innovative Practice at Edith Cowan University.

Jack Hewitt.

Stirling Roadways.


10 Feb 17

Beefledger InformationMemorandum Launched-Seed Investment

30 Sept 17

BeefLedger Ltd Information Memorandum

8 Nov 17

BeefLedger Token White Paper Launched

8 Nov to 7 Dec 17

Pre-TGE Sale

30 Nov 17

AFSL approved PDS launched (Regional Resilience & Development Fund)

08 Dec 17 to 15 Feb 18

Main Token Generation Event (part 1)

Christmas 17

Soar Wallet release (BLT compatible)

15 Jan 18

BLT Pre-sale Concludes

16 Jan to 31 May 18

BLT Public sale Begins

16 Feb to 31 May 18

Main Token Generation Event (part 2)

01 Jun 18

BLT Distribution begins and BLT issued to smart wallet

In the Media.