BeefLedger congratulates Smart Trade Networks + Casugol Education Collaboration Agreement

BeefLedger congratulates its technology partner Smart Trade Networks and Asia-based technical education services provider Casugol on their recent agreement to develop and deliver blockchain education and training across Asia.

There is a significant need to develop and make available blockchain related education and training suitable for individuals and organisations, which draws on a combination of practical industry experience and expertise, and globally leading research and development in this emerging technological sphere.

According to Smart Trade Network director Charles Morris, “Smart Trade Networks is looking forward to collaborating with Casugol to create and deliver world class, real-world relevant, courses on blockchain technologies. Together, we bring decades of software, systems, education and commercial experience to the table, to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We will create and deliver blockchain education and training for the real world.”

BeefLedger is excited to support this initiative, and bring real-life design and implementation experience to the table. BeefLedger hopes that this alliance will provide opportunities to further raise the company’s profile in the marketplace, and to contribute to the development of a deep skills pool across the region.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a need for greater skills and capacity development in the blockchain arena. Our experience in BeefLedger and also in Smart Trade Networks has shown that a multi-disciplinary approach is central to getting the most out of this innovative technology,” said Warwick Powell, Chairman of BeefLedger and Smart Trade Networks.

“This strategic partnership with Smart Trade Networks is a defining one and Casugol is looking forward to engaging with the expert team at Smart Trade Networks to launch a series of state-of-the art blockchain education programs based on the latest trend and best practices on blockchain technology.

“This provides participants / learners a unique learning experience, providing them with the competitive advantage required to thrive in this fast changing digital economy. This is a partnership in line with our founding principle to make education, knowledge and resources accessible to everyone,” said Dwayne Ong CEO of Casugol.

Casugol and Smart Trade Network have aligned to bring their unique resources, experiences and capabilities together to create new value growth opportunities for each party and for participating stakeholders and students.

Casugol CEO Dwayne Ong with graduates.

The Framework

As we understand, the key mandates of the agreement sees the following:

  1. Smart Trade Networks will be Casugol’s exclusive blockchain curriculum course development leader. The curriculum will be designed to be world class, and be consistent with the structure and framework of the existing Casugol suite of programs. The curriculum will be developed with a view that it can (with approval) go towards credits for higher degrees at other institutions, including Queensland University of Technology.
  2. Casugol will be the exclusive delivery partner for blockchain curriculum developed by Smart Trade Networks in ASEAN, Japan and Republic of Korea, and should delivery channels other than Casugol be contemplated, this shall be done on the basis of mutual agreement by the parties. 
  3. Smart Trade Networks will become Certified Training Partner (CTP) for the delivery of blockchain programs and other Casugol programs / executive workshops in Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

About Smart Trade Networks

Smart Trade Networks is an international designer and developer of leading edge blockchain and post-blockchain technologies, based in Australia.

The BeefLedger platform is developed on the Smart Trade Networks blockchain and ecosystem.

It is an industry partner in leading Australian research and development in applied blockchain systems, working as collaborators with Queensland University of Technology and Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre, a Commonwealth Government-funded and approved research and development organisation.

The Smart Trade Network team has capabilities in technical development, cryptography, computer and data science, systems design, economic mechanism design and game theory, legal and regulatory analysis and social governance and impacts. The Smart Trade Network team is led by Adjunct Professor Warwick Powell (QUT), also chairman of BeefLedger.

Smart Trade Networks:

About Casugol

Casugol is an international certification provider based in Singapore, offering a wide range of professional certification programs and executive workshops in digital transformation, and emerging technologies, designed for all industries and verticals. Casugol has an extensive suite of programs with a strong and growing footprint across the Asian region. Casugol is led by Dwayne Ong, CEO.

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