BeefLedger secures shares in export-accredited abattoir.
BeefLedger has this week taken a significant step forward to securing shares in an export-accredited abattoir. The abattoir is one of only 10 facilities in Australia with accreditation to export to China.

BeefLedger was invited to join the abattoir company after BeefLedger founder Warwick Powell and Director Charles Morris visited the facility recently to meet with its CEO and key marketing and management personnel.

Located in NSW, the facility provides BeefLedger with the ability to process and package its own range of credentialed premium Australian beef.

The abattoir has capacity to process up to 9,000 animals per week across 2 processing floors. The facility has four boning chains that support a diverse range of customers to develop retail and food service offerings.

The state-of-the-art-cold store and blast chill tunnel, utilising an advanced carton storage retrieval system, ensures seamless management and distribution of product throughout the world.

The company’s commitment to animal welfare is second to none, and includes shaded yards and on demand access to fresh water.

Employees are trained in best practice animal welfare procedures and we are certified under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).

The facility’s food safety systems are overseen by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This is a world leading system, recognised globally as one of the safest food producing quality systems in the world. The food safety system is built on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), providing excellence in hygiene and processing products.

Certified and regularly audited accreditations include Ausmeat, Halal, Organic, Bio-dynamic, Breed Specific (including Angus, Wagyu), Burger Restaurant Chains and major domestic retailers.

The abattoir business has also recently opened a China office, located in Shanghai.