BeefLedger secures IOT blockchain Collaboration

A Strategic collaboration memorandum of understanding has been executed between BeefLedger and Ultimo Digital Technologies (UDT). The MOU will provide BeefLedger with access to UDT’s IOT consortium blockchain data, and UDT will be supported in its growth through access to BeefLedger’s supply chain partners.

BeefLedger is implementing a multi-chain architecture, enabling scaleable expansion in what is expected to be a data-intensive environment. The UDT consortium chain is an efficient approach to providing BeefLedger platform users with access to a range of validated data stored securing on a blockchain architecture.

“Where you have a blockchain underlying a payments platform, there’s a need for a robust IOT system. Working with UDT is a clear way by which BeefLedger can bring to its community a leading edge IOT capability.

“We will be integrating access to data on the UDT chain via the BeefLedger Digital Wallet-App, which will place into the hands of platform users convenient access to an efficient payments platform and integrated supply chain verification data.

“The UDT capability will enrich our our approaches and, we believe, will also result in benefits to UDT’s services from what we bring to the table. This two-way relationship sits at the heart of effective collaboration. Our existing IOT system partners and supply chain participants will be introduced into the process over the next few months, as we deepen the working relationship to create new and greater value.

“Our discussions with the UDT team have been incredibly fruitful, and we all see tremendous synergies emerging into the future. Our Wallet-App integration is the first of what we believe will be a long and beneficial relationship,” said Warwick Powell, BeefLedger Chairman.