Our Australian team has gone into full “work from home” mode.

Latency issues aside, everyone had made rapid adjustments to work styles and processes, with no impact on work outputs in the design, value analytics and technical development of various smart contracts to deploy on our Proof of Authority Network.

“We’re really pleased with how quickly the adjustment has been made, once the decision was made last week to go ‘remote’,” said Charles Turner-Morris, BeefLedger Director.

“It’s not the first time we’ve collaborated remotely, which makes for a quick transition. Small teething issues aside, like a bit of network latency, we are all managing to remain focused on the tasks at hand.

“Given the earlier outbreak of COVID-19 in China in late January, we had already made preparations for impacts on travel to support our ongoing cross-border R&D collaboration. Extending these travel restrictions as a result of evolving circumstances here in Australia have been taken in our stride, and workarounds are in place,” he said.

Charles Turner-Morris (Company Director) on Zoom to Warwick Powell.


Screen sharing helps information flow amongst the team

Our China team at LibertyPost has returned to work in Beijing almost fully this past week, and partners like MBH Consulting in Guangzhou are back into the full swing of things.