BeefLedger is pleased to welcome Lucas Cullen and Barry Earsman to our technical research and development team.

Lucas Cullen

Lucas is a well-known and highly regarded member of the national and international blockchain communities. We have profiled Lucas previously here. Welcome again!

Lucas’ focus is on expanding our community-level consensus mechanisms. This is inspired by the foundational game theory work from the late Professor Thomas Schelling.

Lucas Cullen will be working on our expanded consensus protocol inspired by Schelling’s ideas on ‘focal points’.

Barry Earsman

Barry Earsman is a full stack developer who will be assisting with our ongoing technology research and development.

Barry comes to the project having spent recent years with global blockchain leader Consensys as a Solutions Architect. He is a full-stack developer with experience in diverse sectors. These include working in machine learning, blockchain, anti-malware, debt control, digital health, fraud detection and psychology.

Lucas and Barry will join Tom Miller and Santiago Del Valle in the BeefLedger engine room.