Announcement: BeefLedger deploys world first integration of Magic.Link with an Ethereum Proof of Authority Network

To streamline user interaction and access to the BeefLedger ecosystem, the development team has successfully deployed the Magic.Link solution to enable secure email logins.

According to development team lead Tom Miller, “one of the most challenging issues to grow adoption of decentralised or blockchain technologies like blockchain has been the need to use Web3 Wallets. While those with a strong desire to get involved in the ecosystem can learn to use new tools like MetaMask as an interface with the Ethereum blockchain, for many ordinary people it’s just another  barrier.”

The A team at work: Santiago Del Valle (front) and Tom Miller.

Committed to taking away barriers for widespread access and adoption of the BeefLedger ecosystem, the development team have successfully worked with MagicLink and deployed the email login functionalities to the BeefLedger ecosystem.

“In practical terms, what this means is that someone can simply use their email address to log into a web3 enabled website with confidence creating a Decentralised ID (DID) which contains an associated non-custodial ethereum private key. The email login functionality is portable across the entire BeefLedger ecosystem, which includes services deployed on both the Ethereum public net and the BeefLedger  Proof-of-Authority network built on Ethereum allowing agents to use the same ethereum private key across both networks,” Tom said.

Ecosystem Services

With the email login function, someone can easily access securely the following services within the BeefLedger ecosystem:

  1. BeefLedger wholesale marketplace, where they can purchase products offered in ‘wholesale to the public’ formats;
  2. BeefLedgerX exchange powered by MetaMorph Tech, the ecosystem’s own cryptocurrency exchange, where users can purchase BEEF tokens and also participate in investment projects issued under an Australian Financial Services License; and
  3. Access the Proof of Authority Network to query assets being tracked, and to participate in network data activities and services. The POA network also hosts a ‘members only’ store for products.