Steak Maestro Chris Wade and BeefLedger sign Collaboration MOU

A shared passion for, and commitment to, excellence in beef has brought recognised Australian One-Hatted Chef Chris Wade and BeefLedger together.

BeefLedger is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a Collaboration MOU with Chris Wade, Australia’s Steak Maestro.

Chris Wade (R) is pictured above with BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell.

Chef Wade has travelled to over 21 countries in over 20 years to hone his culinary skills, working with chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White, and Curtis Stone. He has become an international Ambassador for the Australian food and wine industry. He has gone on to reach almost cult status on the Australian dining scene for his focus on ethically-sourced, sustainable produce and locally-farmed beef.

“Making sure consumers can be sure they are getting what they’re paying for is absolutely central to Australian beef’s long term value.

“We’ve great products and ingredients in this country. Protecting and enhancing premium brand value is part of my DNA. That’s why I’m teaming up with BeefLedger, who are leading the way with using new technology to build secure brand value creating platforms into one of the fastest markets in the world,” said Chris Wade.

“Our alignment of values and passion for credentialed, high-value Australian producers of excellence is the foundation of our collaboration.

“We believe Chris’ long-standing passion as an ambassador for Australian beef, coupled with our own technological commitment to credentialing Australian Premium Beef, is a perfect match.

“We are looking forward to working with Chris to showcase credentialed Australian beef, as well as other ingredients of authentic excellence, which together exemplify the power of the culinary journey in bringing people closer together,” said BeefLedger Chairman, Warwick Powell.

Warwick continued to observe that, “Chris’ sensitivity to the natural ingredients, and an artistic flare, certainly speaks a global language. Food is not just for the tastebuds; it’s to feast all the senses.

“As they say in Chinese 赏心悦目: the scenery is pleasing both to the eye and to the mind,” concluded Warwick.

Chris’ website is here: