China’s President Xi Jinping has urged for the fast track development and application of blockchain technologies a drivers of innovation and industrial development.

In widely reported comments, President Xi has taken Chinese awareness and acceptance of blockchain technology up another level altogether. He made these remarks after leading a collective study session on blockchain technologies at the most recent Meeting of the Politburo (China’s Cabinet).

Coverage of this in English can be found here at the Reuter’s link, for example, here.

Chinese coverage includes stories such as the one at this link.

“From our perspective, we are encouraged by President Xi’s comments as they provide our work with mainstream validation and affirmation. One of our key commitments has been to develop a technology platform and ecosystem that can improve cross-border trade and deliver greater transparency for consumers.

“We are also pleased that we have worked hard to build strong bridges with China-based technology partners, including those at LinkeyChain and Liberty Post. These partnerships hold us in good stead. They also provide the institutional framework to taking cross-border collaboration to new heights, delivering win-win benefits for all those in the beef supply chain,” said BeefLedger Chairman, Warwick Powell.

Liberty Post’s Katherina Li discusses recent social e-commerce platform growth trends with BeefLedger’s Warwick Powell.

BeefLedger has recently returned from a visit to Beijing to meet with our partners at Liberty Post. “We covered a lot of territory to progress and deepen our collaboration, to create mutual benefits for our respective organisations and our stakeholder communities of interest.

“Liberty Post is our Showcase Event Partners, for our November Series III, which takes us across six cities,” said Mr Powell.

BeefLedger also signed a strategic commercial development and investment MOU with Shanghai-based Linkey Chain in March 2019. This MOU came from our participation in the August 2018 Blockchain Delegation to Shanghai, under the auspices of Austrade.

BeefLedger + LinkeyChain MOU Signing Ceremony

Mainstream adoption of the technology in China creates significant streamlining opportunities for the development of credible, cross-border trade of authenticated products.

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