Uniswap Liquidity Partners Program launched

To celebrate BeefLedger’s winning of two Good Design Australia awards this week, we have launched our Uniswap Liquidity Partners Program.

The Pool

The $BEEF token pool has been established on Uniswap, paired with ETH. The pool can be accessed here: $BEEF POOL.

The Liquidity Partners Program

Key elements of the Program are described below. Phase 1 is capped at 25,000 $BEEF tokens.

Token Ecosystem Architecture

The BeefLedger ecosystem operates with 3 distinct digital tokens.

  1. The $BEEF token is a general means of payment and value transfer utility. It is an ERC20 token tracked on Ethereum. This token is in the Uniswap liquidity pool.
  2. Digital Asset Identification Certificates (DAI-Cert), which are non-fungible ERC721 tokens minted when real assets are registered to the BeefLedger POA network. These can be bought and sold using $BEEF, and can be ‘consumed’ when the asset is ‘consumed’.
  3. ERC20 collateralised digital assets, which are issued under license in Australia. The first iteration of this opportunity will soon be made available. These can also be bought with $BEEF.

A summary of uses is in the figure below.

$BEEF Token Distribution

Broadly speaking, there is a potential supply pool of 888,888,888. The distribution composition is as follows:

  • 15% pre-sold and escrowed;
  • 15% available for partners and new distribution – this represents in effect real effective supply potential in the near term;
  • 40% held by company directors or associates; and
  • 30% provided for as a long-run liquidity reserve, to ensure real economy transactions in the supply chain can function smoothly in the event of liquidity or circulation blockages.