Opportunity emerges from new circumstances

BeefLedger has been fast tracking the implementation of its direct to household decentralised model of service delivery in China since Chinese New Year (25 January 2020).

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen people housebound, and increasingly reliant on home deliveries for everything, including the basics. With heightened awareness around health and wellness, the BeefLedger blockchain credentialed Australian beef has been well received by consumers.

Our own experience, discussions with other online retailers and field feedback all suggest this new set of patterns to become more permanent, as part of what we have dubbed “the New Normal”.

Leveraging infrastructure

We set up our first distribution micro node in Wuhu in mid-2019 and followed this up with capacity in Guangzhou in partnership with MBH Holdings. Over the past 3 weeks, new systems have been put into place to improve quality control and ensure customers get the beef in top condition.

Additional packaging has been called for due to delivery restrictions

The greatest challenge has been the pressure on last mile delivery, together with the barring of entry to residential precincts save for local residents. Instead of direct-to-door delivery, parcels are being left at the gate – with or without supervision. For us, this means security of product for clients and importantly a keen eye on product safety.

Temperature preservation is key

On this score, MBH Holdings has upped the ante on temperature preserving packaging, so that product remains frozen until received by the customer. In parts of Guangdong province, product has take much longer than usual to get into the hands of consumers. “So, enduring consumer safety is our number priority,” said BeefLedger chairman Warwick Powell, “which means we are 100% behind the extra effort Mike Harding is going to in three unusual circumstances.”

MBH Holdings is offering novel meal-ready packs as well, with a selection of fresh vegetables and condiments. Customers have been flooding back with photos, perhaps inspired by the offer of a prize for “best photo” at month’s end.