Community BBQ to launch new payments tools

BeefLedger has teamed up with the Brisbane Bitcoin and Blockchain Community to put on a community BBQ on 29 August 2020 in Brisbane. A new Telegram-enabled cryptocurrency payments tool will be launched and activated at the BBQ for community testing and feedback.

BBQ Event Details

Attendance registration is encouraged so that the team can best manage COVID19 safety requirements. As numbers are limited, people should register their attendance at the Meetup Link. Other details are also at the link.

BEEF tokens will be supported on the new Telegram Payments tool, making P2P cryptocurrency-enabled transactions a free and instant experience.

Telegram Payment Tool Launch

“We are excited to launch our Telegram-enabled cryptocurrency daily use wallet with payments tool, so that people can see how easy it is to use cryptocurrency to support activities and businesses, and grow the ecosystem,” said BeefLedger Director Charles Turner-Morris.

According to Tom Miller, BeefLedger’s tech team curator, “people will be able to get BEEF tokens deposited straight to their Telegram account, and use BEEF to buy food and drinks on the day.

Tom Miller (L) discusses the new payments tool with BeefLedger Director Charles Turner-Morris.

“As well, the tool enables BeefLedger to provide opportunities for people to buy direct from producers, thus shortening the supply chain.”

The tool has been developed as a collaboration with MetaMorph Pro, and enables anyone with a Telegram account to transfer cryptocurrency to others. The tool supports withdrawals from and deposits to an Ethereum address, providing a link to the security of the main-net for user peace of mind.

Tom explains that it is a piece of “light infrastructure” that unleashes the power of social network effects to grow supply chain communities. “Beef and related life necessities is the first deployment case, and that’s sure to expand as producers, artisans, merchants and communities see how easy it is to join forces to promote the common good,” he said.

According to Tom, “with high Gas costs on the public network, we thought it would be useful to provide an off-chain daily wallet solution to maximise convenience, and minimise costs.

“The Telegram option will open up a whole new set of possibilities for cryptocurrency enabled communities to grow and demonstrate the benefits of shorter supply chains in strengthening food security and enabling producers of excellence to reach new audiences,” he said.

End-to-end cryptographically secure communications platform enables censorship proof economic and social ecosystems to grow.

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