Blockchain-enabled Service Network – Some Useful References

Updated 27 August 2020

In a recent Opinion article (“100 Days After Wuhan”), we referenced the launch of the Blockchain-enabled Service Network (BSN) by China. The BSN is a key piece of architecture in a broader range of strategies and actions being taken by China to drive trade-enabled growth and intensify economic interactions between China and the rest of the world.

Since China launched the domestic version of BSN on 25 April 2020, there’s been widespread coverage in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital currency / Fintech media. The international version is slated for launch 30 July 2020, and docking up to six public blockchains is scheduled for around 10 August 2020.

BeefLedger is actively engaged in discussions and analysis of the opportunities and challenges of the BSN. As a blockchain-enabled data value network, in the first instance focused on beef trade between Australia and China, the BSN is an important intervention in the overall infrastructure, policy and regulatory landscape. 

To assist stakeholders in our ecosystem, we have assembled a range of links to useful references. It is just a sample of an extensive body of materials. We will periodically update this library.

BSN – Direct

BSN login (white papers accessible from the main page) –

BSN Developer manual –

Relevant Chinese Policies

China announces expansion of integrated pilot e-commerce free trade zones:

China’s framework for the development of high quality trade (27 November 2019):

China announces blockchain standardisation committee:

China announces blockchain standardisation committee (formal statement in Chinese):

China’s Digital Currency / Electronic Payment (DCEP) overview:

Fintech & Other Commentary

Q&A with Vitalik Buterin on the BSN and China’s blockchain world (Technode 25 August 2020):

Blockchain Services Network international version launched (Cointelegraph Coverage 10 August 2020):

Blockchain Services Network: a new global infrastructure emerging from China — perspectives from Australia:

China’s BSN aims to integrate with 40 public chains within a year:

China-Backed Crypto Guru Wants to Unify World’s Blockchains:

China’s Blockchain Services Network Guide:

“Making blockchains disappear”: Discussion of key BSN features and some issues of concern:

“BSN: the internet of blockchain”: Description of key features:

“China’s national blockchain will change the world”: Commentary on BSN:

What do investors need to know about China’s DCEP?

ISO Technical Committee 307 on Blockchain Standardisation

Committee website: