BeefLedger Announcement 18 July 2019

Beijing: Industry Mentor Appointed

BeefLedger is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Katherina Li as our BeefLegends Industry Mentor. Ms Li is founder and CEO of Beijing-based social e-commerce and services exchange platform, Liberty Post.

Pictured is Ms Li receiving her BeefLegends Certificate from Jock McQueenie (L) and Warwick Powell (R).

Ms Li and her team will work with BeefLegends project lead, Mr Jock McQueenie, to refine the design and development of our first BeefLegends pilot project. The pilot project involved school children from Mount Gambier High using digital storytelling tools – including video production – to “tell the story” of beef production from their region.

“Through Ms Li’s appointment, we now seek to close the loop by bringing in the perspectives and voices of the consumer community,” explained BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell.

Ms Li said she was honoured with the role, and looks forward to working with the BeefLedger team to develop a showcase project that can show the way in bringing peoples from different parts of the world close together through the common languages of food, technology and art.

The BeefLegends initiative builds on the professional practice experience of Mr McQueenie who has developed the 3Cs concept for community development – Community, Culture and Commerce.

“We see BeefLegends as a tremendous opportunity to bring a fresh approach to technology projects, which enables us to always remember that the development of tech must serve the communities in which we are involved,” said Mr McQueenie.

Mr McQueenie is completing his professional doctorate at Queensland University of Technology. QUT is a funding partner of our “export smart contracts” project being developed also in collaboration with other Co-funders from Food Agility and Asta Solutions.