BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell will join Professor Marcus Foth to deliver a one-day “breakthrough” executive education workshop on the opportunities and implications of blockchain for managers.

The program is designed to lift the bar on executive and management knowledge of this rapidly development technical and economic space, so as to better enable businesses to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The workshop is open to anyone, and will be on Wednesday 8 August 2018. Registration details are via the link below.

“The workshop date – 8/8/18 – is an auspicious one and aligns with the total future BEEF token circulation of 888,888,888. With such tidings, I’m sure the workshop will open up many new opportunities for participants.

“Joining forces with Marcus is part of our ongoing commitment to contributing to the development of the blockchain ecosystem. Enabling executives and managers in mainstream businesses to understand this space has the potential to transform their operations and open up new possibilities.

“BeefLedger will demonstrate a working use case of applied blockchain technologies and associated crypto-economic thinking. Many of the ideas behind BeefLedger could readily be applied to other supply chain contexts, and I look forward to sharing our journey and learnings,” Warwick Powell said.