BeefLedger and its supporting ecosystem have created (and continue to grow) communities and groups on Telegram.

For ease of reference, here are the details of the main Telegram group links. This page will be updated regularly for ease of reference.

  • BeefLedger Official Announcements and Info Channel. This Channel is where the BeefLedger project team will post information and news about the project and upcoming activities. The link is: 


  • BeefLedger Chat (BeefLegends Global). This is an open discussion group where people share ideas, ask and answer questions and grow community capacity together. We now have members from 5 continents involved in the conversation. The link is: 


  • BeefLedger Brisbane/SEQ. As it says, this is a local group. Again, a great place to swap notes. It’s also the basis of group buying where people can collaborate in their procurement to support supply chains and producers who share the values of authenticity and excellence. The link is:
  • BEEFtokens Collect. This is where you go to collect your BEEF tokens if you’ve bought them Over the Counter via the MorphChat Wallet ordering process. The link is:

We encourage people with a shared passion for authentic food supply chains of high value to get involved and learn how communities can come together to create win-win outcomes for producers and consumers.