Announcement: BeefLedger runs public Ethereum node on BSN

BeefLedger is pleased to announce that it is now running a public etheruem node with the Blockchain-enabled Services Network (BSN). We are working closely with the BSN network to provide interoperability between Chinese supply chains and non-Chinese supply chains. 

BeefLedger works with the public chain and also runs a PoA network and hopes to also run a PoA node with BSN.

The BSN is an important infrastructure layer that has the potential to enable low cost utilisation of blockchain services for individuals and businesses of all sizes, with particular relevance to cross-border supply chains. More on the BSN can be accessed at the following links:

The deployment is one of the first international implementations and we look forward to exploring more opportunities for global collaboration to boost trade and streamline supply chain finance through our work in the BSN environment.