BeefLedger ramps up pre Chinese New Year production

BeefLedger continues to grow into the burgeoning B2C market in China and has ramped up production of its popular lines of blockchain-tracked black angus sirloin steaks and sliced outside flat.

Chinese New Year is traditionally a time for celebrating and gifting. High quality products like the beef tracked on the BeefLedger blockchain fit the bill perfectly at this time of the year.

Consumer ready Australian 150 day grain fed sirloin straight to households in China

BeefLedger pioneered blockchain tracked Australian beef exports to China, with the first ever shipment tracked on a blockchain in January 2019. “As industry trail blazers, we’re pleased to see a number of our colleagues in Australia follow in our footsteps, offering buyers greater confidence in the products they’re paying for,” company Chairman Warwick Powell said.

The latest production run features Australian 150 day grain fed angus beef, portioned in consumer ready packages. The product is delivered frozen to our regional distribution partners who service their own growing networks of discerning clients coordinated through social ecommerce apps like WeChat.

Through our distribution partnerships network, BeefLedger is dealing with group buying consortia and restaurant associations, as well as individual household consumers. According to Mr Powell, “partners like Australasian (Guangzhou) Food Co. Ltd, headed by Mike Harding, are creating new ‘direct to buyer’ market opportunities. That’s good for everyone, except perhaps the traditional middlemen or those who aren’t able to meet the market with sharpened pencil.”

Mr Powell said, “We’ve worked extremely hard to streamline the supply chain system, to remove unnecessary overheads and duplications, and are confident now of delivering savings to consumers of 20% or more compared to the traditional business model. In doing so, we are also able to preserve margin opportunities for our beef and livestock supply partners.

“Post COVID, the consumer market is even more discerning – if that can be possible! Consumers are on the lookout for value, and are also very mindful of health management throughout the supply chain systems. Our streamlined infrastructure and channels delivers just that.

“We’re pleased to have innovated the integration of online (blockchain and non-blockchain) technologies with offline capabilities to deliver win-win outcomes. With blockchain-based asset tracking, our partners are also confident in asset validity. We’re now working with our partners to develop and expand low cost supply chain finance solutions.”

Trade Inquiries Welcome

Beef producers with export capacity looking to access or expand in the China market are invited to contact us by emailing Director – Commercial: Charles Morris: