BeefLedger launches DEX and Community Marketplace

BeefLedger has announced the launch of its DEX and Crypto Community Marketplace, as part of the completion of Project Empower.

The Marketplace

Consumers can log into the Community Marketplace and use BEEF tokens to make a purchase. The Marketplace has been developed on the back of technologies from ERC721 Exchange at

This Marketplace version is part of an ongoing initiative from BeefLedger to develop a Wholesale Marketplace that empowers independent buyers to aggregate and gain access to savings usually available only to the largest of aggregators.

Using BEEF tokens will deliver to consumers access to products at wholesale-to-the-community prices.

“We can do this because we have shortened the supply chain, empowered the opportunity to benefit from collaborative consumption, and reduced the number of rent-seeking intermediaries along the supply chain,” explains Warwick Powell, the founding chairman of BeefLedger.

The Marketplace lists packaged beef and wine products available in China, as well as packaged beef products available in Queensland, Australia. More products and locations are presently in development.


BEEF tokens can be purchased from the BeefLedger Exchange. The BeefLedger Exchange has been developed in collaboration with MetaMorph Pro. BEEF will initially be paired with WETH and METM.

Digi-Units (asset backed digital securities)

The DEX will also list secondary offers of Digi-Units, which are asset backed securities originally issued under an Australian Financial Services License. These Digi-Units are securities in Managed Investment Schemes, with projects developed by SCP Capital Pty Ltd, a specialist boutique fund manager and BeefLedger investor.

Digi-Units can be bought with BEEF tokens. “We look forward to opening up opportunities to the wider global community to participate in and support food systems projects through access to these Digi-Units,” said Charles Turner-Morris, a Director of BeefLedger and SCP Capital.

The first tranche of Digi-Units is expected to be listed during August 2020, focusing on livestock supply chain projects, food systems regeneration projects and alternative land finance initiatives enabling the wider community to directly finance producers instead of conventional or mainstream bank debt finance.

About BeefLedger

BeefLedger is a blockchain-based supply chain tracking and payments platform development company. It has developed a blockchain application that supports community involvement in the credentialing of food systems, with a core focus on domestic and international beef supply chains. It is a national leader in the field and is an industry partner in two Australian Commonwealth Government-funded Industry-University Cooperative Research Centres – Food Agility and Future Food Systems.

About BEEF tokens

BEEF tokens are a cryptocurrency tracked on the Ethereum public blockchain. They have been minted to enable people to purchase real products safe in the knowledge that what they are paying for is the ‘genuine article’.


Media Inquiries: Warwick Powell