Successful Tasting Event: Tokyo

While BeefLedger Global is principally a technology oriented business, we pride ourselves on our team’s ability to straddle technology application and the real environments in which the world of beef supply operates.

We integrate technology with traditional systems to create new models, unleash new value potential and deliver opportunities.

We recently completed a successful tasting event in Tokyo, at a Five Star restaurant where a range of Australian beef was sampled by the chef and VIPs. Both grass and grain-fed beef options were sampled to enable blind tasting comparisons. Dry-aged versus non-aged beef was also evaluated in a blind tasting.

Nice work, Ando-san …
A-B Taste Tests were done as part of the VIP showcase event

Growing the Japan project has been a long haul, on the back of MOUs executed in October 2020. Unfortunately COVID19 has continued to impact the execution of the MOU’s intent. However, we hope that in early 2022 the Asia team and Japan partners are able to find clean air to take forward the opportunities.