BeefLedger joins forces with Foodzation to grow Japanese market opportunity

BeefLedger Ltd and Foodzation Co. Ltd are pleased to announce the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively to grow the Japanese market for blockchain-credentialed Australian beef, with a focus on Australian wagyu.

Japan is one of the world’s most discerning markets for high quality beef. The collaboration is underpinned by shared values of excellence and a passion for continual innovation to improve outcomes for consumers.

Exceptional quality product, with the peace of mind of blockchain technology: a winning combination.

About Foodzation

Foodzation was founded in 2018 by Mr Takeshi Hamano. It has grown strongly since then from its core base in Osaka, with channels expanding across Japan. The company is driven by:

  • A passion for providing great quality beef at a competitive price;
  • Strong networks and relationships in the industry;
  • Leadership to improve the traditional closed market standard as well as supply chain channels;
  • Hands-on experience with over 10 years experience at Japanese restaurants as a chef.

Mr Hamano strongly believes innovation brought by BeefLedger’s blockchain technology into Japan’s beef market will drastically improve the quality, transparency and credibility of the beef. He is confident that BeefLedger will be the Australian beef brand in Japan in the near future.

Mr Hamano explained that having had 10 years experience as a chef, including as the Executive Chef of Matsushiro Royal Hotel, he became fascinated by the potential of beef. He went on to open a Japanese beef speciality yakiniku restaurant in Tsuruhashi, Osaka which further inspired his quest to “bring really delicious Wagyu beef to the world and to import delicious meat from all over the world to Japan”. He said that he “founded Foodzation with the aim of realising a world that makes consume and producers happy.”

Australian Wagyu tracked on the BeefLedger blockchain is destined for discerning consumers in Japan.

About BeefLedger

BeefLedger is an Australian developer of blockchain technologies focused on global beef supply chains. It is an industry leader and works closely with Australian research institutions and universities to drive best practice and leading thinking in this emerging area of technology application and development. 

According to Beefledger Chairman Warwick Powell, “BeefLedger is pleased to have partnered with Foodzation where our shared values of excellence are sure to propel the partnership to success. The Japanese beef market is well established and mature. Consumers are discerning. Channels and points of entry are well guarded. 

“A partnership with Foodzation makes it possible to access this marketplace by working with collaborators with established reputations, networks and distribution channels.

“Partnerships with credible players is fundamental to success in markets where reputations mean everything. The BeefLedger technology and network of affiliates in the supply chain, together with our ecosystem of experts, opens up opportunities for new benchmarks of excellence to be achieved,” he said.



BeefLedger LtdとFoodzation株式会社は、ブロックチェーンテクノロジーを活用した高品質のオーストラリアの和牛を日本市場に導入させるために協力して取り組む覚書の締結を発表しました。


Foodzationは濵野 高志氏により2018年に設立されました。それ以来、大阪を拠点として力強く成長し、全国にチャネルを広げています。同社は以下によって推進されています。








BeefledgerのWarwick Powell会長は以下コメントしております。「BeefLedgerは、Foodzationと提携できたことを嬉しく思います。高品質の探求という共通の価値観がパートナーシップを成功に導くものと確信しています。日本の牛肉市場は十分に確立されており消費者には十分な見識があります。Foodzationとの協業によりその日本市場での販売チャネルの拡大を期待しています」。


Powell会長は、「信頼できるプレーヤーとのパートナーシップは、市場で成功するための基本です。 BeefLedgerテクノロジーとFoodzationがコーディネーションするサプライチェーン内のネットワークは、新たなエコシステム構築とともに、高品質の新しいベンチマークを達成する機会を開きます」と言及しております。