BeefLedger’s ecosystem utility token will list on Soar Ex in August.

Soar Ex ( is an exciting blockchain backed assets exchange that has been launched by Soar Labs Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency development company. Soar Ex is the largest liquidity pool and order book of Bitcoin in South East Asia, and with its competitive fees structure lives up to its ambition of “serving the unbanked”.

A total of 17 cryptocurrencies will feature as part of the first phase of the exchange’s launch, with numerous pairings enabling enhanced convenience and cross-project liquidity.

“Soar Labs has been an early days supporter of the BeefLedger project, and we are pleased that the BEEF token will debut on Soar Ex as the leader of the second round of crypto-assets to launch via the platform.

“Ensuring exchangeability is an important feature of dynamic, useful and valuable crypto means of payment. Empowering our user community to support the pursuit of excellence in the supply of beef to the growing markets of Asia in particular is what being exchangeable is all about.

“By being exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, we can deliver our ecosystem users liquidity, a high degree of fungibility and – consequently – a convenient and low-cost means of supporting cross-border transactions.

“By working with infrastructure partners, like Soar Ex, who are committed to both technological excellence and best practice compliance in terms of things like Know Your Client requirements, we are confident in our ability to support the growth in value of one of Australia’s most significant agricultural industries,” said BeefLedger Chairman, Warwick Powell.

The BEEF Token is a utility token designed to enable the transaction of credentialed beef cattle and beef over the BeefLedger platform. The Token enables the valorisation of data, and is an ecosystem native means of payment. The Token is a pre-mined ERC-20 compliant token.