BEEF Token now transacting on Telegram with MorphChat

Welcome to a world of high-speed, zero cost and total convenience for using cryptocurrencies to transfer value and power new value flow systems.

BEEF token (ERC20) can now be transacted in Telegram chats.

Hassle-free value transfer

BeefLedger’s BEEF token can now be transacted at zero cost in any Telegram Chat Group that has deployed the MorphChat Wallet Bot. This is a direct result of our collaboration with the team at MetaMorph Pro. (More about MorphChat is here.)

The MorphChat Wallet enables Chat Group members to pay or tip others in the Group with a simple command when replying to a message: for example, /tip 100 BEEF or /pay 100 BEEF.

The collaboration between BeefLedger and MetaMorph is delivering new opportunities for mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies,.

Better value with BEEF tokens

For emerging supply chain ecosystems, this means users can pay for products offered for sale in Telegram Chat Group messages through the immediate transfer of BEEF tokens when replying to a product listing. 

Using BEEF tokens to secure supplies of high quality products ensures users access the best product value available by buying direct from producers and cattle owners. BeefLedger has been working on shortening supply chains, and the savings that can be achieved using BEEF tokens to buy products is a direct result of this work.

The BEEF token on MorphChat Wallet connects users via Telegram Chat, and also links to the Ethereum mainnet for withdrawals and deposits.

New Feature Coming Soon: Buy with QR Code

The next feature being added to the MorphChat Wallet is the Buy with QR Code function. This will enable users to take a photo of a QR Code from within the Chat Group, and the Wallet will read the QR Code and ask whether you want to proceed with the payment. So Easy!

How and where to buy BEEF tokens

You can buy BEEF tokens at the following:

  1. Over the Counter (online) with secure credit card payments (PayPal). You simply submit an order form, and you will be sent a Tax Invoice with PayPal payments details. Tokens are sent direct to your Telegram MorphChat Wallet.
  2. Over the Counter (in person) by attending a BeefLedger event, where credit card or debit card payments can be made. Again, BEEF tokens are sent immediately to your Telegram MorphChat Wallet. Tax invoice are issued.
  3. The BeefLedger Exchange. Here BEEF can be bought with either METM or WETH. BEEF tokens can also be used to purchase collateralised digital assets such as RG05 at the Exchange.
Shorter supply chains using blockchain-enabled asset tracking is key to long run sustainability and improvement.

Listing Products

BeefLedger is focused on expanding its offerings of asset-tracked supply chain products to communities across the globe. We began our journey focused on red meat supply chains and have expanded from that to allied products such as herbs and spices, wines and spirits and other high-quality manufactured food products.

Anyone who manufacturers great products can inquire about having their products tracked on the BeefLedger blockchain and listed for sale on BeefLedger’s marketplaces.

Bridging the On-chain and Off-chain Worlds

The MorphChat Wallet also enables BEEF tokens (and other supported Ethereum ERC20 cryptocurrencies) to be deposited to the MorphChat Wallet from an Ethereum wallet or be withdrawn to the Ethereum wallet from the MorphChat Wallet. In effect, the MorphChat Wallet provides users with the convenience of bridging the on-chain world (where transaction fees are charged) and a parallel off-chain ecosystem that supports instant and zero cost transactions.

Users can deposit funds back to their Ethereum mainnet wallet at any time.

Withdrawing has a small fee in METM token. Normal gas fees (on-chain mining/transaction fees) are charged by the blockchain for withdrawing crypto from MorphChat Wallet to another wallet since they are on-chain transactions.

BEEF Token Issuance and Responsible Ownership Guidelines

We encourage responsible token ownership. Guidelines can be found here. The Guidelines also provide information on BEEF Token issuance and policies.

Token Security

Token security is a risk that users assume. The MorphChat Wallet is limited to the security offered by Telegram. Users should consider their own security preferences and requirements when using and storing cryptocurrencies. BeefLedger does not warrant for the security of the MorphChat Wallet.