BeefLedger’s journey so far, to deliver improved credentialing of Australian beef into the China market, was documented and broadcast by ABC’s Landline program yesterday (3 November 2019).

The full program can be viewed here: ABC LANDLINE.

Here’s BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell discussing the latest e-mall features with LibertyPost founder Katherina Li.

Credentialed market place

“Consumers in China are demanding greater certainty that what they are paying is what they get. That’s what we have worked towards – not only with a growing range of technologies on the ground in Australia – but also at the distribution end in China.

“By working with social e-commerce platform operator LibertyPost we are able to provide producers and consumers with confidence that the ‘real deal’ is what people pay for and get.

“In effect, what is emerging is a credentialed products market place. While traditional platforms struggle to overcome the reputational legacy of out-of-control counterfeiting, we’re able to start from a blank sheet where product authenticity is baked into the systems from the outset.

“Not only are we now introducing credentialed Australian beef to the discerning consumer, we are now working with allied products and brand owners to create new value for Australian producers and manufacturers by ensuring consumers have confidence in what they are paying for. It’s a ‘win-win’,” said Warwick Powell.


We place the record our thanks to:

  • ABC’s Landline, Pru Adams and the rest of the team in South Australia, Queensland and Beijing;
  • Our co-funders and collaborators at Food Agility CRC and QUT;
  • Mike Famularo at Blue Lake Station, for his ongoing support and encouragement (and for the amazing beef he produces with care and respect);
  • Ray Scott’s Transport;
  • District Council of Grant;
  • The team at Northern Co-operative Meat Company;
  • Track-tech for support with IVMS;
  • GOKE Agri, whose “smart ear tags” will give us all greater insights on animal welfare going forward;
  • ASTA Solutions;
  • Orora packaging;
  • Laava, whose secure fingerprints are tackling one of the weaknesses in supply chain integrity – namely the ease with which existing codes (eg., QR Codes) can be duplicated;
  • LinkeyChain;
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; and
  • Our Social e-commerce partner in Beijing, LibertyPost, who share our passion for product authenticity and value sharing to all those involved in the supply chain.

There are of course others who’ve worked with us on the journey so far. While we don’t mention them here, keep an eye out for future statements as we reveal some of the amazing businesses and people we have the pleasure of working with.