BeefLedger | Announcements
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3 June 2018 – BeefLedger Founder presents to Monash University / Jiaotong University in Shanghai. Warwick Powell presented an update on BeefLedger to expert scholars, researchers and students at a blockchain and cyber-security workshop arranged by Monash and Jiaotong Universities.

14 May 2018 – Appointment of Executive Project Manager. BeefLedger is pleased to announce the appointment of David Eadie as Executive Project Manager. David has extensive experience in the management and implementation of complex, multi-dimension projects. This ability to traverse diverse disciplines is key to the success of the next phase of BeefLedger development, which requires the smooth integration of analogue “real world” supply chain needs with the ongoing development of technology features.

07 May 2018 – BeefLedger White Paper II launched (English and Chinese). The BeefLedger White Paper II was launched today, which updates the work in progress (Roadmap) of the project. We are pleased to be able to make the documentation available in Chinese (Simplified) for the first time.

April 2018 – Technology Partner Appointed. BeefLedger is pleased to announce the appointment of Asta, a leading blockchain solutions provider, based in Melbourne as one of our smart contract development partners. Asta will be working with the Beefledger technology team, as well as other partners like Soar Labs, to achieve seamless integration into existing cryptocurrency ecosystems. The scope of works is being finalised in line with the Roadmap.

31 March 2018BEEF Token Pre-Sale Round 1 Completed, Fully Subscribed. BeefLedger is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of Round 1 Pre-sales with all 15% of BEEF Tokens allocated. Round 2 pre-sales has commenced.

9 March 2018 – Change of Directors. Charles Turner-Morris has replaced Anthony Dunn as a Director. BeefLedger welcomes the financial expertise and product development experience of Mr Turner-Morris, and looks forward to Mr Turner-Morris’ contributions to the company. Mr Dunn has left due to family and other business commitments. We thank Mr Dunn for his contributions.

February 2018 – BEEF Token and Soarcoin pairing achieved. BEEF Token has been successfully paired with Soarcoin, which will enable future inter-operability between the Soarcoin ecosystem and BEEF.

January 2018BeefLedger + James Cook University MOU. BeefLedger and James Cook University have signed a Collaborative Research and Development Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU establishes a framework that will ensure a strong working relationship that integrates JCU’s extensive expertise in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and cattle sensors with BeefLedger’s expertise in decentralised systems development.

December 2017 – Appointment of WPIAS as Company Auditors. BeefLedger has appointed reputed public independent auditors WPIAS as company auditors. This reflects our ongoing commitment to probity in our governance.

8 November 2017 – BeefLedger launches BEEF Token White Paper I. The BeefLedger Token White Paper was launched at AgTech18, at Emerald in the Central Highlands of Queensland. At the same time, BeefLedger demonstrated its first prototype beef cattle sales transactions smart contract, possibly the first such transaction globally.