BeefLedger | Real science and BeefLedger team up
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Real science and BeefLedger team up

Real science and BeefLedger team up

BeefLedger has entered into a collaboration Memorandum of Understanding with established and experienced science-based traceability services provider, Source Certain International. Source Certain is a global service business commercialising the unique TSW Trace traceability technology and capabilities. TSW is a platform able to verify the integrity of supply chains, and brings breakthrough technology to verify paper-based traceability and Quality Assurance systems.

“This is an exciting and critical link from the point of view of BeefLedger,” said company Chairman Warwick Powell. “Where we talk about data security being enhanced through the deployment of a decentralised ledger technology, we must also give serious consideration to the quality of the data itself, and to its sources. It’s the old ‘rubbish in / rubbish out’ issue, and there’s a critical need for devotees of the ‘arts of soft data security’ to engage with the world of the ‘hard sciences’ to build the bridge between the analogue and digital realms.

“BeefLedger is committed to excellence in data collection, and that means reaching out to experts in the fields of hard science and Internet of Things. It’s about knowing what you don’t know, and working with the best in the field.

“Source Certain also brings to the table a broader engagement in the blockchain space, with project partnerships in chicken production and diamonds to name two emerging use cases. We’re looking forward to working closely with Cameron Scadding and the reset of the SCI team over the next couple of years to achieve a robust interface between the sciences and the blockchain ecosystem we are building,” said Mr Powell.

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