BeefLedger | Fast track to trade documentation data integration
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Fast track to trade documentation data integration

Fast track to trade documentation data integration

BeefLedger and trade documentation startup IncoDocs have executed a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding to drive forward the development of the decentralised BeefLedger payments platform. The collaboration with IncoDocs will see BeefLedger introduce their capabilities to existing and future supply chain partners as part of a process of developing fast-track and seamless integration of IncoDocs digitalisation capabilities with BeefLedger smart contracts requirements.

This collaboration cements a working relationship that spans more than 2 years between the founders of IncoDocs and BeefLedger Chairman, Warwick Powell. “The team at IncoDocs emerged from the real world of trading and freight forwarding, and knew first hand the challenges of getting the documentation right. The digitalisation systems IncoDocs have designed and developed are a potential glove-fit for our smart contracts regime.

“What I like about the collaboration is that rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, we’ve two teams coming together to create something together by drawing on our respective capabilities and know-how,” Mr Powell said.

The collaboration will take shape under the auspices of the Export Smart Contracts project being developed within the Food Agility CRC umbrella. The Food Agility CRC is a $150m Commonwealth Government-funded initiative aimed at developing and deploying digital technologies to boost the competitiveness and sustainability of Australian agribusiness. BeefLedger is a proud Founding Industry Partner of the Food Agility CRC.

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